Deluge is a download client for the Torrent network that manages to provide downloads with higher speed. Try out Deluge and download any file you want


Powerful and efficient download manager for the Torrent network

July 18, 2022
7 / 10

Are you looking for a multiplatform torrent client, that is updated frequently, that hardly uses resources and downloads really fast? Well, try out Deluge because it is possible that you may have found the ideal client.

Manage your download from the Torrent network

With Deluge, you'll obtain an application to download files from the Torrent network incredibly fast. It connects to the sources and starts downloading files a lot quicker than the rest of the torrent clients. Furthermore, you can configure its encryption level, UPnP and several download parameters. With the purpose of increasing its performance and your privacy's security.

Furthermore, it allows the installation of plug-ins from the application, managing its download and installation from within the program. One of the plug-ins that draw our attention, is IP-Block Filter, a small script that detects malicious IPs that slow down the downloads and that usually come from spammers.

All in all, Deluge is a more than decent application that allows you to quickly download any file from the Torrent network without any complications.

Requirements and additional information:

  • To be able to work properly it requires GTK 2.12, that will download from the Internet during the installation if we don't have it installed.
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